Authors: Rebecca Carlson, Ruth Dorothea Eggel, Lina Franken, Sarah Thanner, Libuše Hannah Vepřek

Published in: Kuckuck. Notizen zur Alltagskultur 1/2021: „Code“ (publication page)

Date: 2021-07-21

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Some research fields force us to look at computer code, for example, when we study coding practices, programmers or software engineers. Yet in many research fields we encounter code in a more subtle form, as it is the ground for every digital phenomenon. Code is not a defined category but rather a methodological perspective that should be considered in every anthropology of the digital. It is a perspective we deliberately include for a necessary understanding of digital practices. But how can we approach code methodologically? This article, which forms the first result of a subsequent and ongoing collaboration to develop a methodological approach for the analysis of code, explores how we can grasp code theoretically and empirically in ethnographic research. [read the article here]